Our Vision

The Secret to Happiness Is Helping Others.


For centuries, some of the greatest thought leaders have suggested a simple truth: human happiness is found through helping other people.

We live in an incredible time where entrepreneurs and leaders have a tremendous influence on society.

From the products and services we create to the cultures we develop within our tribes of employees, customers and peers - we have an unprecedented opportunity to change the world with our mission-driven businesses.

But the reality for most purpose-driven entrepreneurs is that we’re plagued by the friction of limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, and unconscious beliefs that hold us back from actualizing our true superpowers.

The net result of this internal friction is costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to our businesses and has a cascading negative impact on our family, our bodies, and our spiritual health. Worst of all, this friction is preventing us all from serving and making an impact.

The Purpose First project helps mission-driven entrepreneurs find their voice, scale their impact, and change the world.

Through our coaching, immersive training experiences, digital programs, and live events - we help leaders remove internal friction, put purpose first, and make a massive impact on the lives of their clients, and communities.

If this resonates, we’d love to connect with you.


Joe Stolte
CEO, Coach, Master Trainer